Dear Valued Customers

For over 60 years Dick Butler Roofing has been regarded as a high quality , honest roofing company in the Champaign Urbana area. Butler Roofing has been considered the benchmark for quality, integrity, and service. In the last few years we have been faced with a shortage of able-bodied employees. The young, hard-working work force we had grown accustomed to is slowly disappearing. This letter is to announce a collaboration between Dick Butler Roofing and DECA holdings. It is the intent that before the end of 2021, that Brad Passalacqua and Victor Fuentes do combine their two companies in the effort of serving our community with high-quality roofing and customer service just as both companies have strived to do on their own. Both Brad and Victor hold customer service and quality in high regard. Brad, from the roofing industry for the past 30 years and Victor from the service industry for the past 20 years are very much the same in their desire for high-quality products and extremely high levels of service.

The estimate that is being submitted to you is being proposed using the combined workforce of both companies. While this merger is not complete we are starting to cooperate and do jobs together as to complete the extreme amount of jobs that are being requested of us. Both Victor and Brad will still remain hands-on with every project, both will be contacts and both will be guaranteeing the work that would be contracted from this point on. Our desire is to not only maintain a high-quality company but to actually improve in the areas that we may be lacking by combining our talents into one company. All of the material that will be installed will continue to carry lifetime manufacturers warranty and all of the integrity and honesty that you have grown to expect from both Brad Passalacqua and Victor Fuentes will continue. Thank you for your continued support and please reach out with any questions or concerns you may have about this bid included in this mailing.

Brad Passalacqua,
Dick Butler Roofing, DECA holdings
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